A Window Above…

We were established to provide the unique wood window culture with architectural window products. We believe that quality products and services are the result of good tools, simple explanations, and clear conversations with our customers. Our long tradition of hand craftsmanship and personal communication integrated with technology and innovation assure that you, our customer, will receive high quality architectural window products in a timely manner.

With 40 plus years experience in the manufacturing of grilles, simulated divided lites and architectural stationary, non-operating windows, we understand the importance of a good tool. We also know that a balance of technology and craftmanship create an environment of excellent communication and fulfilled expectations.

Because our architectural products span such a wide range of form and function, we offer a variety of window configurations. Primed or natural wood exteriors provide versatility and warmth. For low-maintenance, we offer extruded aluminum cladding and composite PVC exteriors. Interiors are available in composite PVC or in our wide range of natural wood. Now offering our new Oversized Direct Set Windows that allow you an expansive window to highlight a view, add natural light and be a party conversation starter. When combined with a wide variety of high-efficiency glass, you can be confident that your needs will be served.