FrontLine® Composite Frame

Co-Extruded LVL Mull Post with Composite Bottom


Primed Flat Jamb

White Cap Jamb

Woodgrain Jamb

Sidelight Stop

Mull Cap

Available In:

Combining strength and stability of wood without the rotting, warping and splitting is what makes the composite door frame a unique formulation. The FrontLine® composite door frame is resistant to mold, mildew, fungus, salt, chemicals, insects, and pollutants, making your entry way frame maintenance-free. The FrontLine® Composite Frame has the same shape designs, use, and functionality as wood, and can be painted, stained, nailed and machined. The composite frame will maintain its integrity for years to come.


  • 20-Minute Fire Rating
  • Closed Cellular Structure – Will not absorb moisture
  • Rigid Poly-Fiber Formulation – No aluminum support channel needed
  • 2X Screw Holding Power – Stronger than wood door frames
  • Top-Notch Impact & Skin – More durable
  • Cut-to-Size – More Size Options
  • Primed and Woodgrain jambs may be painted or stained

Benefits Of Buying From FrontLine®

  • Jambs Machined to your Specs
  • Lead Times of 15 Days or Less
  • Buy Material in Any Quantity
  • PrePaid Freight (with minimum order quantity)
  • Can Ship with Aluminum Cladding orders