Solar Seal

To accompany our Clad Program systems we recommend NPC Sealant. We stoke 11 clad colors to make sure you have the perfect match, in the #900 Solar Seal.

The #900 Solar Seal is 100% “Terpolymer” Adhesive/Sealant and is formulated for long-term performance on vinyl, cedar, metals, masonry, stucco, skylights, fiberglass, roof flashing and termination bars. It is a high-performance alternative to urethane and silicone.


  • 300% elongation first year, 300% elongation twentieth year
  • Expectional joint movement capability
  • Full U.V. protection
  • Tenacious long-term adhesion
  • Paintable
  • Skins in one hour
  • Four-season application

TIP: After you cut a small tip on the tube keep the tip submersed in water to keep the sealant from drying out. This will keep the sealant fresh and ready to use.

Available in 11 Stock Colors