Pro-Tex® Protective Covers

FrontLine’s® Extruded Aluminum Cladding is becoming the standard for entry door frames. By the time the homeowner moves in, the door system has been handled multiple times and can be on the jobsite for a number of weeks unprotected. PRO-TEX® is the extra protection against a multitude of damage possibilities during this time frame.

The cost of this protection versus the value is minimal when your customer realizes that “YOU” have saved them lost margin dollars because of handling and jobsite damage.

This B/M Cover Was Designed To Fit Over All 2” WM-180 Brickmould.

  • FrontLine® FLTA-39 Brickmould
  • Composite
  • FJ Primed
  • Wood Stain Grade
Pro-Tex® Protective Vinyl Cover
FLTA-3273 Brickmould Protective Cover100 pcs/box
FLTA-619 Crownline Protective Cover100 pcs/box