Now Available | FLTA-61 5/8″ Frame Expander

March 15, 2023

FrontLine® Bldg. Products Inc. Now Offers The FLTA-61 5/8” Frame Expander.

This new product reduces cost and labor and improves productivity!

This new expander is easy to cut, fit and apply. It allows you to take 4-9/16” jambs to 5-1/4” jambs, as well as 6-9/16” jambs to 7-1/4” jambs.

This is done by cutting the to the length you require and simply snapping on to our FrontLine® patented locking leg systems: Pre-Clad Jamb System or the Classic Clad System.

The FLTA-61 is available in White, Sandstone, Bronze and Black.