Featured Products: FLTA-61 & FLTA-81

March 14, 2023

Another year is behind us, and what a year it was!! FrontLine® brought some exciting new products to market in 2021 and we are excited to kick off 2022 with even more innovation and products that simplify cladding exterior door frames for our door fabrication partners!

Class of 2022:

  • FLTA-81 Oversized Jamb Cover
  • FLTA-61 5/8 Frame Extender (Q3 2022 release)
  • Stainable Textured Simulated Divided Lites

FLTA-81 Oversized Jamb Cover

The next evolution in our Aluminum Classic Clad jamb component system. FLTA-81 allow for 6-1/2” jamb coverage up to an 8-9/16” rabbeted jamb. You can now clad door jambs all the way up 8-9/16” with one piece aluminum jamb cover, with no addition extenders. This provides you with an easier build and much cleaner door frame system. It will also allow you to clad Garage Door Frames with jamb depths up to 8-1/4” as a 1-piece jamb cover, eliminating the two-piece jamb cover for garage door frames with jamb depths deeper than 6”.

FLTA-61 5/8” Frame Extender (Estimated For Q3 2022 Release)

Reduce cost, reduce labor and improve productivity with this new frame expander. 5/8” frame expanders is easy… so easy maybe we should call it the “Big Easy”

  • Easy to cut and fit
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to take 4-9/16” jambs to 5-1/4”; 6-9/16” jambs to 7-1/4”
    • Simply cut to length and snap on to our FrontLine® patented locking leg systems of either Pre-Clad jamb system or the Classic Clad system.

Stainable Textured SDL Bars

If you missed the last months TechNews use this QR Code to learn about all the features and benefits of this amazing innovative product. (QR CODE)

  • Stainable/Paintable textured aluminum SDL bar
  • Non-descript wood grain can be use with Oak, Fir, Mahogany and many other wood textured species
  • Same great features and benefits as our entire aluminum SDL kits for exterior door lite