Featured Product: Transoms

March 14, 2023

In today’s market customer are always looking for ways to get more natural daylight into their home, create curb appeal and maintain privacy. FrontLine® Bldg. Products Inc.’s Transom program provides you with all three options. Our program is all part of our Exterior Door Frame System Selling approach. We make transoms that are designed and engineered to mull directly over our proprietary entry clad door system. This gives the homeowner clean sight-lines.

Our glass forward design also makes our transom architecturally correct, putting the glass surface on the same plane of home as all the other window fenestration products.

Frontline’s F.I.T.® (FrontLine® Interlock Technology) makes it easy for the door fabricator to incorporate our transom onto any FrontLine® Frame Door System, shape or size! It is also easy to install. Simply lock, tip and fasten (1, 2, 3).

Our 76 transom is second to none. This transom provides a sleek uni-frame design, making your door frame and transom appear built together. The narrow mull application works great with today’s contemporary home designs.

FrontLine® Composite Transoms are available in primed and Woodgrain in both rectangle or radius shapes.

Our Wood Transom is offered in multiple species from Primed to Alder. Not only for exterior doors, but we also offer manufactured interior door transoms as well!

Unlimited grille designs including, interior wood surround, SDL and GBG. We offer dozens of profiles and sizes

Our glass options are available with insulated glass, various Low E options, Clear, Obscure and a complete line of decorative glass to compliment all major door fabricators.

Don’t forget about our fixed window offering, these are available in any shape and size with the capability of up to 100 square feet.

76 Transom