Featured Product: FLTA-81

March 14, 2023

Another New Innovative Product Offering By FrontLine® Bldg. Products Inc.:

As FrontLine® Bldg. Products Inc. continues to look at ways to improve our product offering, we are always talking with our fabricators to collect information and ideas with what challenges our customers face on the production floor along with collaborative conversations with their sales teams.

The FLTA-81 jamb cover has 6-1/2” of jamb coverage allowing our door fabricators to utilize a one-piece jamb cover an 8-9/16” jamb depth. This new jamb cover provides our customers with a clean, durable finish that has the aesthetics consumers are looking for. It also eliminates the need for a 2-piece aluminum jamb cover on entry door frames that are larger than 6-13/16” (FLTA-45) jamb depth. The NEW FLTA-81 will reduce cost from both a material and labor position.

FrontLine’s® standard 1-piece jamb covers in 4-9/16”, 6-9/16”, 6-13/16” and 8-9/16”, give the door shops the ability to rip down the jamb cover to meet the requirements of the entry door jamb width.

FrontLine® also offers several other jamb accessories, giving customers the aptitude to build unlimited jamb depths.

The new jamb cover is also GREAT for Garage Door Frames!

Not only can the new 8-9/16” jamb cover be used for entry door systems, the NEW jamb covers works fantastic for garage door frames as well, now giving the installer the ability to wrap a garage door frame (jamb) trimmed out with material all the way up to 7-1/4” (1×8 or 2×8 material). Visit our YouTube page to watch the application of our jamb cover used for Garage Door Frames.